Giving Up Additional Space or Entire Rooftop with Cell Site Buyout

If you own a building, there is a great idea to lease the rooftop or any other additional space to the building of a cell site. But, you need to take into consideration that there are many things which will be on demand while you do this. The first things will be related to access and structural concerns. The leasing of a rooftop is viewed from the point of view of space which can harbor limited amount of equipment. The rooftop can be leased to multiple carriers and get money from all of them.

The structural problems

Usually the carriers will need to use the space so that it meets their demands. They might even eliminate the opportunity of you leasing additional space to other people. The whole process if equipment installing needs to be done with the least expenses as possible. Another problem is that the equipment will be physically attached to the building. The carrier will always look for his best interest. Unfortunately this might cause roof leaking or no warranty for any roofing repairing. Probably a carrier will not want to repair the damage as he believes that it was not his fault. There are many ways to install antennas and you should talk things over before you actually lease the rooftop. [Read more…]

Cell Tower Rent Reduction and Cell Tower Rent Optimization

Lease optimization is the cell site lease optimization for the cellular carrier, not for the site owner. This is a process where the carrier requests lower expense from landlord for the rental terms. It often occurs when the cell site becomes less needed or due to other available nearby sources. These operating companies make money by cutting down their expenses from their collaborators.
Modern position of rent reduction

With the economy as it is, cellular carriers are now trying to reduce their operating expenses. This means that companies who are in the business of lease optimization, such as BlackDotWireless and MD7, are likely to be calling wireless landowners regarding lowering the operating expenses at their cell sites. [Read more…]

How Do I Get a Cell Tower on my Property?

There are few ways to set up a cell tower on your land. However, before you begin to fantasize about the easy income from your lease, it is important you understand factors that may actually lower your chances of having wireless antennas built on your property.

Distance from other towers

Find out if cell towers already exist within one mile of your location. If so, there will be low requirement for carriers to build another tower within that range; therefore your chances are weak. However, if you happen to be living in an area where there are no nearby towers, your property will be more desirable. [Read more…]

Cell Tower Site Evaluation and Audits

For the purpose of evaluating the price of a cell site it is a must, for every property owner, leaseholder or landowner, to have extensive knowledge about their assets. This is to avoid undervaluing the asset that the owner possesses. For example, if you do not know the quality of your asset, you may potentially enter into a long-term agreement which will be way below the fair market value. Thus, you will receive income which will be two or three times less than the real price. This could have been avoided if you had only spent some time to thoroughly investigate the value of your asset.

Fortunately, there are companies and agencies that specialize in improving their client’s knowledge about cell towers to maximize their wealth. These organizations will review your cell tower lease agreements and conclude whether or not you are being paid an appropriate compensation. They will provide you with a summary of how your asset compares to other assets. This will help you determine your price and have a better idea about what you can do to possibly improve your cell tower and get more income.
One of the factors that carrier companies mostly look for is if the tower is structurally sound and if the whole cell site has up-to-date technology on it. Other factors include: [Read more…]

Cell Tower Lease Buyouts and Cell Site Lease Buyouts

If you are currently possessing cell sites on your property, chances are that you are being contacted monthly by new emerging companies that are interested in buying your leases. These offers usually promise the land owners that after the deal is made, the buyer will grant them leasing rights for decades. These matters concern a lot of site owners and most of the time it is the doubt that troubles them.

Be aware of the tactics

In the modern world of emerging innovations and technologies such as Light Radio, it isn’t doubtful when companies try out their best to use scare tactics on people, suggesting that new machinery will soon replace the traditional cell sites. Do not be fooled with any type of false offers. If a wireless company intends to lease your land, the form of the offer will clearly indicate who they are and what they do. [Read more…]

Rooftop & Steeple Cell Site Lease Buyouts

Earning additional money from your property is something that every owner is thinking about. The opportunity of leasing rooftops and steeples as cell sites is really great. In this way, a space which is not actually used is getting into the circuit of producing money. This can be a challenge for every landlord in the struggle to find decent carriers which will treat them with great respect. The whole process of leasing a rooftop is similar to that of a tower. The only problem is that a rooftop is a limited space so it needs to be harvested in the best way possible. There is the chance that you lease it to multiple carriers and have multiple income resources.

There are certain things which you need to take into consideration when you think about leasing your rooftop. It is best to evaluate them and to decide whether this is the best deal that you can get. Usually the carriers have the tendency of simply using the space to their heart’s content. You will need to make them accountable for everything that they do up there. Most of them want to install the equipment quickly and without much expense. This may lead to a hectic positioning which will prevent you from leasing the rooftop to other companies. You will need to set this problem before actually allowing them full access to the building.
Most carriers will demand certain utility and access requirements. Usually you will need to grant them access round the clock to the building. This may lead to some problems that should be clear from the very first start. In case you already have tenants, it might be a good idea to actually limit the access to decent hours or to announce the carrier that they should keep the noise as low as possible. [Read more…]

Churches and Other Non-Profits Cell Sites and Cell Towers

The statistics show that there is a shortage in cell sites and towers which are able to get full cell coverage in all the needed areas. Many people believe that there is no need for more cell towers, but this is totally wrong. The truth is that the wireless carriers seem to be in need of such spaces. With the growth in wireless users, it is clear that the demand of cell sites is increasing rapidly. The urban areas are the ones who are affected by this development. However, the difference is that the landowners and municipalities have changed their attitudes and the regulations seem to get tougher each time.

This whole change will lead to other places where the equipment can be placed. Therefore the church steeples seem to be quite an attractive place to locate the antennas. By using the existing high buildings, it is clear that the impact on the neighborhood look will be low. Usually churches are placed in regions where it is hard to build a new tower. This is why many churches are offered the chance to get the antennas on their towers and the cell site in their steeples. Installing the tower inside of a steeple seems to be quite expensive. But in many cases this is the only location which is suitable for this thing. This means that the church leaders need to negotiation from a really strong position as they have all the aces in their sleeves. [Read more…]

Rooftop and Steeple Cell Site Evaluation and Cell Site Audits

When you own a building, it is clear that you want to maximize the profits you gain from it. Besides the income generated by tenants, many landlords consider leasing they rooftops and additional spaces to cell phone carriers. The success of a building consists in the position of it and if the carriers are interested in getting there. In order to find out whether your property is good to go, it is important that you meet certain criteria.

The building has to have phone service and electricity running. You will need to have both of these things because otherwise the carriers are not interested. The buildings with fiber inside will represent a bonus for being selected by the cell companies. The rooftop or steeple has to be quite elevated. Maybe you do not own the tallest building in your neighborhood, but the rooftop has to be tall enough in order to meet the cell needs. Compared to the buildings around you, your rooftop needs to be higher. In most cases, the carrier will select the highest building on the block. [Read more…]