Giving Up Additional Space or Entire Rooftop with Cell Site Buyout

If you own a building, there is a great idea to lease the rooftop or any other additional space to the building of a cell site. But, you need to take into consideration that there are many things which will be on demand while you do this. The first things will be related to access and structural concerns. The leasing of a rooftop is viewed from the point of view of space which can harbor limited amount of equipment. The rooftop can be leased to multiple carriers and get money from all of them.

The structural problems

Usually the carriers will need to use the space so that it meets their demands. They might even eliminate the opportunity of you leasing additional space to other people. The whole process if equipment installing needs to be done with the least expenses as possible. Another problem is that the equipment will be physically attached to the building. The carrier will always look for his best interest. Unfortunately this might cause roof leaking or no warranty for any roofing repairing. Probably a carrier will not want to repair the damage as he believes that it was not his fault. There are many ways to install antennas and you should talk things over before you actually lease the rooftop.

The access problem

Other things which should be taken into consideration are the noise and the access. In most cases, the carrier needs to have round the clock access to the rooftop or the additional space. This can be negotiated prior to signing the contract. However, if you have tenants, they might not be happy with a technician roaming around at whatever hour suits him. In some cases, the owners will limit the access to certain hours so that the tenants are not affected.

It is critical for landlords to negotiate all the terms of the contracts. The amount of money paid needs to be decent because this is an important service. All the parts have to be totally satisfied with what they get. You should not think about the money you are receiving from other sources. Deal with the situation as it is a novel one. Otherwise, there is the risk to give the space on a small amount of money. You need to understand that your rooftop is precious for the carrier and both of you will need to be in a win-win situation.

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