How Do I Get a Cell Tower on my Property?

There are few ways to set up a cell tower on your land. However, before you begin to fantasize about the easy income from your lease, it is important you understand factors that may actually lower your chances of having wireless antennas built on your property.

Distance from other towers

Find out if cell towers already exist within one mile of your location. If so, there will be low requirement for carriers to build another tower within that range; therefore your chances are weak. However, if you happen to be living in an area where there are no nearby towers, your property will be more desirable.


It is logical to assume, that cell tower is built in order to be used. If there are not much people around the area you occupy, at least 2,000 or more, then your chances are that you will not get a cell phone tower. If however, your location is surrounded by urban or even suburban population, statistically you have more chances of being contacted by the carrier companies.

If none of the factors above trouble you, here’s what to do

To help people notice your intentions, you will need to publish or somehow advertise your land in order to deliver your message to potential business owners. Simple way to do this would be to try placing a sign on your land which will state that you have property to be used for lease for cell tower. After you have marketed your property in your own way, you then need to wait to be contacted by cellular carriers or one of their site acquisition workers and negotiate a deal with them. (Some people enjoy income such as $800 a month for simply owning an antenna on their property)

Some tower or rooftop development companies such as Crown, AAT, or American Tower could also be considered to be contacted. Their task is to build towers on properties. This procedure happens at their expense and they even market the site to the wireless carriers. Doing business with them is convenient because you do not worry about marketing and during the first six to ten years they keep about 70 to 80 percent of the rental income, which means that you are allowed to keep the rest of the money to yourself. It gets even better after the ten years’ time, as they usually split the income after that for 50/50.

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